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Eric Guadara

Eric is an experienced teacher and a college professor based in New York City area in U.S. He teaches all ages, from elementary school to college students, on subjects including English courses and special education courses for students with disabilities. He also teaches Game Design, Programming, and Multimedia Production in colleges. Eric earned a Master’s Degree in Game Design and Development from LIU Post, a teaching degree from Seton Hall University, and a BA in English Creative Writing and Film Studies from Rutgers University. Eric is a published poet and essayist. When not teaching, Eric is creating new games, cooking, or riding his bicycle. His lessons teach practical academic skills along with important soft skills like time management and work productivity.

Game Makers

David Bisnett

David is a New York State public High-School Teacher for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience as a Chemistry Teacher and has also taught Environmental Science, Biology and Astronomy. David enlisted in the US Army for 2 years’ active duty before returning to upstate NY to attend college. He holds 2 degrees from SUNY Potsdam: a BA in Biology and a Master’s in Education, he also has a Master’s in Environmental Management from Duke University. Fascinated by the learning process his entire life, David has always had a passion for education. Be it in the classroom, instructing 30 students simultaneously or 1 on 1 tutoring, David strives for exceptional learning outcomes for all of his students. When he is not teaching or tutoring , you may often find him waist deep in some river in the Catskills or Adirondack mountains Flyfishing for Trout.


YiLong Zhu

Mr. Zhu has decades long teaching experiences and distinguished math education career in both US and China. Many of his students scored a perfect 800 on SAT Math and won math competitions at State and National level. He was a successful high school math teacher in Shanghai in earlier years, and later moved to US for his Master’s Degree in Math and Computer Science from Minnesota State University. Mr. Zhu has helped students achieve their high academic goals. Such accomplishments include: Trained a number of 7th grade students with a perfect 800-score on SAT Math in the Duke TIP program Coached students to win Math Competitions at State and National level Achieved a 90% pass rate on Credit by Exam (CBE) provided by PISD, FISD, and AISD Supported many students to enter top private schools in the region.


Hemal Pathak

Hemal is a neuroscientist and a teacher/tutor based in the U.S. with extensive experience in teaching various subjects to high achieving students. Over the years, Hemal has tutored students in all math and science classes. Additionally, he has helped students make significant gains on standardized tests (SAT, ACT, Subject Tests). Many of Hemal’s high school students get admitted to top private schools in New York City. And college students he tutored attend most competitive universities throughout the US. Hemal enjoys seeing students at all levels master new material and achieve their academic and admissions goals. While not teaching, Hemal runs neuroscience experiments using c. elegans models of learning and memory. Hemal recently started to play piano.

Test Prep

Jimena Collado

Jimena studies at Neuroscience Department at Northwestern University, where she has been an undergraduate researcher in molecular biology and is currently working alongside the National Institutes of Health’s 4D Nucleome Consortium to investigate a human protein. She worked with Northwestern Community Development Corps. to create a curriculum for undergraduates to teach 5th graders in Chicago about leadership, community engagement, and mindfulness and the body. Jimena has taught students of all ages around the world on STEM and English topics. She is also experienced in providing personalized SAT test prep classes to middle and high school students. In her spare time, Jimena likes to dance and choreograph to Latin music.

Vikram Pathalam

Vikram is a computer science expert with a wealth of experience. He specializes in software development and has taught Python to students of all ages. In addition, Vikram is a pro at C++, Java, and more! He is interested in the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Louisa Reid

Louisa prides herself on being an innovative and engaging English teacher, using her varied international experience as an EFL teacher to bring learning to life. She is actively engaged with the latest updates in pedagogic research relating to children’s language learning. Using her international experience to bring effective learning. She is experienced in managing children’s learning journey, and actively involves them in learning English with fun. She is highly popular among students in Spain, HK, China on English classes including reading and phonics.

Lauren Sutherland

Lauren has been teaching English for over 10 years. She is certified to teach all English Language Arts subjects, including Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Lauren has taught in New York, USA, Japan and Thailand, among many other locations. She also knows Thai Sign Language! Lauren has a passion for helping others. She takes part in many volunteering efforts and loves traveling around the world and meeting new people. She can’t wait to get started helping you achieve your dreams!


Ciara Mejia

Based in the U.S., Ciara has taught English reading and STEM skills online to large groups of learners in Greater China, Originally educated and trained as a Software Developer,Ciara also spends her time helping out at Hour of Code. She believes that students of all ages can find the joy in programming. Ciara is also fluent in Spanish and has experience teaching English as a second language.


Eloise Wu

Eloise is a multi-lingual teacher with very rich global experience and highly accomplished track record. She has worked with many world’s leading organizations on translation and events: United Nation, Cartier, Netflix, Asian Games 2018 CCTV China, Beijing Film Academy Eloise taught Chinese as a foreign language while at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Her students are mainly from US, UK, Korea and Japan. Eloise loves teaching in a fun and interactive way. Her lessons teach languages also related culture and history. Eloise speaks English, Chinese and French and holds degrees from: Degree in Translation and Interpreting, Beijing International Studies University London School of Economics Université d’Orléans In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, traveling and cooking.


Hui Li

Lilas is an experienced tutor / interpreter / consultant in Chinese, English, and French. She has conducted many high profile language training and reading sessions to big group audiences in Greater China and Middle East. She has taught Chinese as a foreign language to learners in Europe for a number of years. Lilas has three Master’s Degrees from universities in France, Germany and the UK, she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Sun Yat-Sen University of China, majoring in business management and economics. She believes that education is not only about teaching knowledge, but also about shaping awareness, mindset and habit.

Sophie Lau

Sophie was born in China mainland and moved to HK in 1990s, she has extensive experience and successful track records in private tutoring of Mandarin for 20 years, mainly in HK, with some time in UK. She is highly skillful in teaching children of all ages from international schools, universities, also adults wish to learn, many with no experience of the Chinese language. Sophie has achieved considerable success in bringing students to high levels of fluency and in having her students achieve top standards in internally recognized examinations for Mandarin. Sophie graduated from China North East Normal University with a BA degree in Teaching and Education. After graduation and in early years of her career, she was appointed as a class teacher at a leading secondary school in North China.


Ning Hu

Ning graduated from Henan University, China with a master degree in Chinese literacy. She has worked extensively with major magazines on a series of Chinese publication. She is highly experienced in teaching the foundation of Chinese characters and phonics (Pin Yin). She has tutored and mentored many students in US and Hong Kong. While not working, her hobby is hiking.


Megan Dai

Megan is a native speaking bi-lingual tutor who is experienced in tutoring in English, Chinese and STEM subjects. . She has a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s Degree with Presidential Scholarship from State of New York University of Albany.   She has worked as a magazine translator, supported a Center for Development Disabilities in the US.


Arieta Kortoci

Arieta is a Dean’s List student at Montclair State University and with years of tutoring experience. Ariena has tutored many students from US and China on the subjects of English Reading, Math and Science, and received great feedbacks. She was a part of the National Honor Society whilst in high school and is studying to become a speech pathologist.

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