English Language Arts is the study of reading, writing, speaking and analyzing on a comprehensive level.

Our courses focus on **grade-level specific skills** in the following topics:
  • Reading Comprehension (identify words, text structures, ideas and stories;
    learners who have a large vocabulary are better readers. Knowing more words help learners recognize and understand what they read)

  • Speaking Fluency (pronunciation, referencing skills, meaning and tones)

  • Writing (descriptive, summarize concept and opinions, fiction, non-fiction, narrative, expository, persuasive, poems, biographies, letters, e-mails, diaries, reports and many more)

  • Vocabulary ( vocabulary is learned and accumulated from books more than from normal conversation or watch TV)

  • Spelling and Grammar (identity main nouns, verbs, relative pronouns, adjectives, linking verbs etc. combine sentences, phrases, correct errors)

  • Elements of Style

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