How to fast track learning to speak Chinese in 30 days? This course is designed to help you focus on most practical topics for social and daily conversation, easy to follow and practice, with teachers guiding you in live classes online.

It is speaking-based and learners-centered, using various visual aids and questions to get you speak in Chinese as quickly and fluently as possible. Colorful images in learning materials make easy to remember the words and sentences.

Learning Format

  • 12 sessions in package
  • Interactive small class format

Topics Included

  • Greetings, Courtesy, People, Country
  • Numbers, Age, Money, shopping
  • Time, Date, Week
  • Weather, Climate
  • Clothing
  • Food and snacks
  • Habitat, household
  • Transportation, move around
  • Body, face, sports, health
  • Art, music, painting
  • Place, festival
  • Mood, emotions