Are you looking for the best place for your children to learn both language and culture? Our courses are the ideal choice to cultivate children’s learning interest, through intriguing stories and fun topics.

This course is especially useful for overseas Chinese who want to pass on the language and cultural heritage to the young generation to get them inspired.

Join us in a unique learning of Chinese in a cultural immersion, one can feel the beauty of the language, depth of Chinese civilization and its modern application.

Learning Format

  • 10 sessions in package
  • Interactive small class format

Topics Included

  • Chinese Food Specialties
  • Chinese Festivals
  • Chinese Zodiac signs and the Race
  • Chinese Music and Operas
  • Martial Arts
  • Chinese Cities (history and current)
  • Chinese Tea, Chess and Calligraphy
  • Chinese Etiquettes and Customs
  • Alibaba – a modern story
  • Monkey King – an ancient story