Education is the foundation of success. Every child has the right to quality education, regardless of their families' socio economic status, geographic location or availability of good schools. Access to quality education should not depend on the zip codes where reputable schools are located.

SprEd Academy was set up to bring best-in-class educational resources at the doorstep of all children. Our mission is to provide every child equal access to quality skill-based learning to enable them a chance of becoming successful in life.

Since 2016, SprEd Academy has provided children from various countries in Asia with quality skill based learning. SprEd Academy has made quality education affordable and accessible by partnering with top educators in the United States, Asia and Europe and using scalable technology to deliver them.

We provide a variety of quality programs to prepare children with education that enables them to succeed.


MDM English Live Learning program is a highly acclaimed program (offered 1-to-1 or in small classes). For young children, we teach English through our signature Bee Smart encyclopedia videos which are fun and cover a variety of interesting subjects. For more advanced leaners, we emphasize on learning to help improve language studies and school preparation.


MDM Chinese Live Learning program provides modern and quality classes on Mandarin (offered 1-to-1 or in small classes). Using a leading standard and customized curriculum to suit tiered learning levels, users can improve Chinese skills and strengthen the fundamentals in Chinese in a measurable way by interactive learning from native speaking tutors.


MDM English + STEM is a unique program created to teach English with the reference to STEM topics. Children and youth aged 8-15 learns English using Science topics, including physics, chemistry, geography and nature as reference. MDM English + STEM Program is an effective way to teach a child English and at the same time integrate important science topics into their learning.


MDM uses world renowned MIT Media Lab developed Scratch to introduce programming to children; it is easy enough for a child of 6 years old to create a simple game or a 14 year old to develop an app. MDM also offers more advanced classes using Java, Python and C++, including Unity through which teenagers can learn to develop games.